Automatic Drip Brewing

The simplest "set and forget" method of brewing coffee. You have an automatic drip machine but want exceptional coffee and are determined to squeeze out the best possible result from it. Yes, you're at the correct page; so, follow me and pay attention, it will go fast!


In any situation, you get out what you put in. That also applies to coffee; if you put in time to learn the correct measurements, grind size, and methodology (and Komrij Coffee) you can produce some great coffee with an automatic coffee maker. By my own standards, coffee is always more special created handmade and slowly. However, in certain scenarios, such as a quick fix at the office or you just want to wake up and press a button, it's the best solution. (Although I can agree the sound of an automatic coffee maker is both nostalgic and very satisfying).

Step 1

Let's begin with measurements. Every number on your automatic drip carafe represents about 5-8oz of liquid. Check online to find out what your specific machine uses. Since most machines use about 5oz, we'll use that in this guide and make 20oz of coffee (to the #4 cup line on the carafe).

  • Pour 20oz (to the #4 line on the carafe) of filtered cold water into the coffee maker reservoir.

Step 2

Adding the coffee grounds is completely up to how you prefer your coffee. If you prefer stronger coffee add more coffee grounds and vice versa.

  • Place coffee filter in coffee maker basket, and add 12g of coffee grounds per line number on the carafe. We will be using 48g of coffee for our 4 cups of water added; then start up the coffee maker to initiate the brewing process.

Step 3

Let the coffee maker start brewing for around 45 seconds. Lift up the lid above the coffee grounds and stir the grounds (now with water) to evenly distribute the water and making sure the coffee is wet. Make sure you level the grounds out and close the lid and let the brewing complete.

Step 4

Once the brewing process has completed, and the coffee maker chimes that's it's finished, swirl the brewed coffee in the carafe before pouring it in your mug. This will homogenize the different levels of brewed coffee. Serve and enjoy!

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