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FLAVOR: Chocolate, Caramel, Floral, Medium Acidity
BODY: Bold, Strong
FINISH: Citrus, Nutty, Satisfying
RECOMMENDED ROAST: Medium-Dark Roast (Full City)


Bold, strong body and medium acidity; slight hint of milk chocolate and caramel with mild citrus/floral notes. La La Land is a two-bean blend.


Light Roast (Light City)
Light brown in color, with a light body and no oil on the surface of the beans. Light roasts have a toasted grain taste and a pronounced acidity. Also, light roasts retain most of the caffeine from the coffee bean. These beans are pulled from the roaster during the beginning of first crack.

Medium Roast (City)
Medium brown in color with more body than light roast. Similarly to light roast, they have no oil on the surface of the bean. However, medium roasts lack the grainy taste of the light roasts, exhibiting more balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity. Caffeine somewhat decreased, but there is more caffeine than darker roasts. These beans are pulled from the roaster between the end of first crack and just before the beginning of the second crack.

Medium-Dark Roast (Full City)
Medium-Dark roasts have a richer, darker color with some oil beginning to show on the surface of the beans. Heavier body is developed in comparison with the lighter or medium roasts. These beans are pulled from the roaster after fully finishing first crack reaching the beginning of second crack.

Dark Roast (French)
Dark roasted coffees are dark brown in color, like dark chocolate, or sometimes almost black. They will have a sheen of oil on the surface, which is usually evident in the cup when the dark roast is brewed. The coffee will generally have a bitter and smoky or even burnt taste. The amount of caffeine is substantially decreased. Normally people will assume that darker roasts contain more caffeine as they attribute the intense taste with higher caffeine levels -- but this, in fact, is quite the opposite! These beans are pulled from the roaster in the middle to end of the second crack.


Our coffee is roasted on-demand and will be shipped within 24 hours of roasting and will typically arrive in ~2-7 days after shipment. Order 2 or more bags to save on shipping costs.